Sabrina Pilewicz took the Polish fashion design market by storm. At only 24, she is one of the most promising young Polish talents in the industry and the envy of many competitors ever since a former Polish First Lady, known for her commitment  to style and elegance, was photographed wearing a bag from Sabrina’s handbag line. Many eyes are now on this young artist and creator, who not only graduated from the Łódź Art and Design College with distinction but who already boasts some prestigious awards, including the first prize at Fashion Designer Awards Poland for her evening gown design, and some international experience gained at Georges Chakra’s design studio


Sabrina’s style is marked by minimalism which is often contrasted with fine detailing and ruching of leathers and fabrics. She combines a traditional penchant for monochromatic colours with an edgy and mildly eccentric aesthetic that manifests itself in the use of small patches of vibrant, saturated colour, geometrical origami-like shapes and opposing textures and finishes such as, for instance, matte and gloss.


Sabrina has set up her own fashion studio, which focuses on designing clothes and accessories and which affords her the opportunity to work with individual clients. The artist targets a young and stylish clientele with a partiality for stand-out designs. "Sabrina Pilewicz" has become a widely recognised brand, worn and cherished by Polish celebrities, as well as a synonym for talent, enthusiasm and youthful creativity.